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The first phase of the Nodes that Bond project was developed during 6 months in Souzas neighborhood in Monteiro Lobato. Through Women Circles we shared new ways of learning and relating, formed bonds between ourselves and the technology that permeates us.

We advanced together across the mystical tech world aligning themes such as self care, trust and intuition with networking, digital logic and data.

To ensure the presence of women's narratives in the network space, we challenged ourselves to create together a Women's Map, a digital platform that highlights the enormous richness alive within the women of the territory. This map was put together by local women and exists in our community network. If you pass through the territory one day make sure to connect an take a look!

With the purpose of sharing the fluid experience of women circles and tutoring sessions put together, Nodes that Bond was organized into a suggested method. A Workbook intended to support anyone who wants to promote these meetings within their own context and strengthen the bonds between women within their communities. You can download by clicking the link below.